Opportunity Grants

The Opportunity Grant program is a new competitive grant cycle that CLCF launched in April 2018.  The Opportunity Grants Program will provide small grants to eligible organizations throughout the communities served by the Central Louisiana Community Foundation.  Grants through this program range from $250 to $2,000. Applications will be accepted four times a year during the following periods:
1) April 1 through May 15 (Literacy),
2) July 1 through August 15 (Arts & Culture),
3) October 1 through November 15 (Historic or Environmental Preservation), and
4) January 1 through February 15 (Community Development)
Each quarter the opportunity grant program will focus on a broad philanthropic area of interest, with an overall goal of addressing community needs. Applications due a February 15 should focus on community development. 


  •  501 (C) 3 organizations, including churches, hospitals, qualified medical research organizations affiliated with hospitals, schools, colleges, and universities.
  • Louisiana not-for-profits that have been pre-approved as furthering the mission of the CLCF. Please contact us to obtain approval in advance.
  • Organizations must be domiciled in the 12 parish region that the CLCF serves.
  • The grant timeline must be 12 months or less.
  • The program must take place in CLCF's service area.
  • Organizations may receive a Community Impact grant and an Opportunity grant in the same calendar year, as long as the grants are not for the same purpose.


  • Annual fundraising campaigns or events
  • Creation of, or addition to, endowment funds
  • Payment of debt or legal settlements
  • Political or partisan purposes
  • Expenses incurred prior to the grant award date
  • Capital Expenses
  • Personnel Expenses


The grant seeker must meet the published deadline for submitting the application. Applications are reviewed by Foundation personnel for completeness and compliance with guidelines, but no recommendations are made by staff. Completed applications are given to the Gifts and Grants Committee.  The selected recipient will receive funding before the end of the quarter in which the application was submitted.