Nancy L Monroe Endowment Fund

To be eligible to receive an award of the Nancy L. Monroe Prizes in Writing (an “Award”), Applicants must satisfy the following eligibility criteria:
1. At the time of application, Applicant shall be a Senior at Bolton High School and shall have applied to attend a regionally accredited college or university in pursuit of a 4-year degree (a “Qualifying Program”); at the time of the Award, Recipient must be enrolled in a Qualifying Program, and the Award will be paid directly to the institution where Recipient is enrolled.
2. Minimum GPA: 3.0 on 4.0 scale
3. Minimum ACT Composite Score: 25

 Donate to the scholarship fund and see the application process below.


Application Process is as follows:

1. The Foundation will publicize the availability of the Award every year. An application form will be promulgated stating the untimed writing prompt and listing all required documentation. A time and location shall be set for response to the timed writing prompt; the timed writing prompt will be disclosed to Applicants at the beginning of the timed writing session.
2. Applicants shall timely deliver a completed application form along with a response to the untimed writing prompt. Applicant may also submit his or her Student Aid Report if Applicant wishes financial need to be considered.
3. Applications for an Award will be accepted beginning on January 1 of each year; Applications shall be due on March 15, and Recipients shall be finally determined by May 1. Awards shall be made as soon as practicable thereafter.
4. The Committee may select one or more proposed Recipients per year. The Committee may elect not to make an Award in a particular year if the Committee believes that an insufficient number of qualified Applicants is available. The Committee will recommend Recipients to The Board of the Central Louisiana Community Foundation for final approval.

Selection Criteria:
The Committee will consider the following factors in recommending Applicants for an Award.
Primary factors which shall be considered in the selection of Recipient(s):

  • Quality of response to timed and untimed writing prompts. Prompts will be broadly-applicable to Applicants of varying fields of study and life experience and will be selected annually by the Committee.
  • Applicant’s likelihood of college success based on GPA, standardized test scores, demonstrated work ethic, etc.

Secondary factors which may be considered in the selection of Recipient(s):

  • Financial need
  • Personal virtues and accomplishments
  • Extracurricular activities, awards and recognition, special talents, and other noteworthy activities
  • Recommendations from teachers and other persons who are not related to the candidate
  • Community service
  • Work history

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