Inner-city Revitalization Corporation

Rapides Parish continues to experience a severe lack of opportunity and access to decent and affordable housing in both rental and home ownership. This housing is needed for hard working elderly and disabled families whose incomes are very low to moderate. These citizens work for our hospitals, hotels, restaurants, factories and other minimum to median wage industries.  Our grassroots organization was formed in 1997 by Norman K. Martin and other concerned citizens who envisioned it as a vehicle to revitalize our neighborhoods through affordable home ownership. 

IRC takes pride in the major strides it has made to increase the availability of high-quality affordable housing stock in our area, having produced in excess of 128 homes, including a senior and homeless complex, multiple rental properties, and 80 single-family houses for homeownership.

However, as federal and state funding budget cuts are imminent, we need and welcome your help to accomplish the continued construction of quality affordable properties. As IRC celebrates 20 years of service to the community, please help us fulfill our mission "to provide the means for access to decent housing and opportunity for a meaningful economic opportunity".  Your assistance will be a long term investment in the kinds of healthy, safe, and stable neighborhoods that benefit everyone in our community.  You can be a part of our mission and donate by depositing to our Central Louisiana Community Foundation account or call us at 318.442.1502.

IRC Board of Directors and Staff