Donor Advised Funds

Donor Advised Funds allow the donor to make recommendations for charitable distributions (grants) from the fund. Federal tax law requires that the Foundation make the ultimate decisions on grant distributions. CLCF makes every effort to follow donors’ wishes. Donor Advised Funds operate much like a private foundation without the expense and tax-reporting requirements of a pprivate foundation. See a list of our Donor Advised Funds below:

  • Betty Fay & Joseph Lipsey, Jr. Fund
  • Bindursky Family Fund    
  • Central Louisiana Community Impact Fund
  • Coughlin-Saunders Foundation Fund              
  • David & Nicole Holcombe Social Capital   
  • David & Norrine Caplan Fund
  • Edwin J & Jacqueline S Caplan Fund      
  • Ellie Schroeder Charitable Fund           
  • Foster Walker Family Fund                 
  • Glenda Stock Fund
  • Greg & Hope O'Quin Charitable Fund        
  • Gregory and Jennylee Nesbitt Charitable   
  • Harvest Fund                              
  • Henrietta Hardtner Hutchinson Fund        
  • Henry Ernest Blake Fund                   
  • Historical Association of Central         
  • James & Caroline Theus Charitable Fund    
  • John & Louise Simon Charitable Fund
  • Kathryn U Meric Fund
  • Leonard & Mary Alice Fontenot Charitable Fund
  • Mary Ann & Scott O Brame Fund
  • Michael & Jennifer Jenkins Family       
  • Mike & Donna Young Charitable Fund      
  • Miller Charitable Fund
  • O. K. Allen Memorial Endowment*
  • Olagues Family Fund
  • O'Neal & Susan Chadwick Charitable Fund
  • Rapides Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Cancer Fund
  • Rapides Regional Medical Center Auxiliary Fund for the Alexandria Family Practice Residency Clinic
  • Robbie & Missy LaBorde Family Foundation Fund
  • Robert & Elizabeth Ratcliff Family Fund
  • Ronald J. & Wanda C. Schenk Fund   
  • RRMC Auxiliary Arts & Healthcare Fund      
  • RRMC Auxiliary NextSTEP Fund    
  • William & Michele Fontenot Fund
  • William J. Thevenot Jr. Fund
  • Wright Family (Matt. 25:35-40) Fund      

*Endowed Funds

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