20 Feb 2018


The Central Louisiana Community Foundation awards the Pineville Fire Department (PFD) a $5,000 grant from the Harvest Fund for new medical equipment. The Harvest Fund is a donor-advised fund of the Central Louisiana Community Foundation. 

The Pineville Fire Department was officially organized in 1878 by a handful of residents who wished to address Pineville’s fire protection needs. Today, the department is staffed by 61 civil service personnel who serve the 15,000 people living within Pineville’s 15 square miles. Its mission is to provide the highest quality fire, rescue, and emergency medical services to its customers, the citizens of Pineville.

Through this $5,000 grant, PFD was able to purchase 6 intraosseous drills (10 drills), 10 Trainers, 6 new stethoscopes, and BP cuff kits, 6 touch-less thermometers, and 2 medical bags. These drills are used to gain first access to the vascular system during a cardiac arrest or major trauma patient. They are in the new American Heart Association Guidelines for Advanced Cardiac Life Support, which PFD follows closely in the treatment of a cardiac patient. PFD will use the drills to gain quick access to the vascular system to administer lifesaving medications and/or fluids instead of having to search for an IV site and wasting valuable time.  The drills have a less than 1% complication rate and allow vascular access in about 60 seconds, and a 97% first-attempt access success rate.

PDF will use these new medical supplies to fulfill its mission of providing quality medical services to the citizens of Pineville. This equipment could also be utilized by PFD’s Regional Response USAR Team which covers 10 parishes in Central Louisiana from Texas to Mississippi.

About theCentral Louisiana Community Foundation

Founded in 1999, the mission of the community foundation is to connect people to priorities they care about and increase charitable giving in order to advance the quality of life for all in central Louisiana communities. In the years since inception, the Central Louisiana Community Foundation and its family of funds have grown through additional gifts and investments and provided more than $10 million in grants to support local nonprofits.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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